Installation and Pulldown

With a total weight of 600 tons,

the Big Ferris Wheel at Fantasy Island, Global Village, Dubai, was pulled down by our team in just 8 (eight) days at the end of  2016-2017 season 


The installation and pulldown plans and timings are crucial for the success of your project. Our professional team works with you to prepare precise cost estimates and timelines that meet your requirements.

Preventive Maintenance

The Fantasy Island at Global Village Dubai on-site efficiency has steadily increased from 90-92% to 96-97% as a result of our maintenance work carried out over the last three seasons.

Preventive maintenance reduces the probability that amusement park attractions will not be in service when visitors arrive and lowers the amount of emergency repair work orders.  Every day, before you open the parks, all rides and attractions are thoroughly inspected and tested by our highly skilled maintenance and operations staff to ensure that they are as safe as they can possibly be.


Emergency Repair

Hundreds of sensors constantly measuring and watching every aspect of the ride and may trigger the ride to safely stop for a variety of reasons – such as bad weather, obstructions or power interruptions.

Our special intervention team is ready at any time to remedy the defects occurred during the operation in order to keep costs low, improve the quality of your project and maintain on-site efficiency. Our everyday goal is to ensure that all guests have a thrilling and safe time while visiting your parks.



Over the years, our company has become one of the leading amusement park installation and maintenance firms in the country.

We have earned our reputation through hard work, uncompromising precision and constant learning and adapting. We love what we do, and the variety of projects on our portfolio proves the scope of our engineering and execution capabilities. We deliver a reliable and innovative range of services for dozens of projects around the world. Our uncompromising safety policy reduces preventable safety-related incidents. The company’s team members are passionate about mechanic, engineering, electricity and design, and understand our clients’ business needs and objectives.

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